Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Water Removal

SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach responded to a water loss caused by a tree falling into a Department store ceiling after a storm. The water affected some of the ceme... READ MORE

Storms and Flooding

This Deerfield Beach business experienced a very unfortunate water loss that traveled throughout the entire office - all due to a broken water line to the toile... READ MORE

Water Damage Found in Deerfield Beach House Walls

Erosion, soil shifting or poor construction can all be the cause of a foundation cracking. Cracks can be physically seen on the inside of a home like on the flo... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration After Flooding in Deerfield Beach, FL

South Florida is no stranger to inclement weather. Storm season, typically heaviest in the summer months, bring inches of rain to many areas. This rain can easi... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Walls in Deerfield Beach

After a storm flooded this home, much of the walls and flooring were affected by water left to sit for too long. Regardless of the category of water, without pr... READ MORE

Mold Found in Kitchen Cabinets

This Boca Raton home was suffering from mold throughout it's kitchen cabinets. The home had been previously affected by light flooding after a storm. Water dama... READ MORE