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Drying equipment set up to dry a business in Deerfield Beach, FL

Commercial Restoration Experts in Deerfield Beach, FL

At SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach, we have years of experience restoring commercial properties in the Deerfield Beach area. There is no commercial water damage that is too big for our team to handle. If you need help restoring your business, give us a call 24 hours a day!

SERVPRO equipment setup in a Deerfield Beach hotel that experienced water damage

Commercial Water Damage

There’s never a convenient time for flooding or storm damage to strike your Deerfield Beach business. SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach understands that every hour spent restoring your property is an hour of lost business, so we will do our best to restore your property quickly and get you back in business.

SERVPRO drying equipment and removed materials from a water damaged wall in a Deerfield Beach, FL business

Flooding in Office in Deerfield Beach

Any business in Deerfield Beach is susceptible to an emergency disaster, like flooding as this office experienced first hand. As business owners ourselves, we understand that time lost is money lost. When small businesses are in need of restoration, our team works quickly to get our customers back to regularly scheduled operating hours. This office required floorboard and drywall removal and a quick dry out before they were able to open their doors again. 

Water on the floor of a business in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Multiple Unit Flooding and Water Damage

The property owners for this building in Deerfield Beach called our team out to remove water from multiple units. One condo had a pipe burst in it's guest bathroom. The water quickly spread through the condo and eventually to the unit right next to it. Both units were in need of water extraction and drying. The water found in the units was classified as a Category Two based on its source. This called for extensive cleaning and restoration.

Rust on the roof of a Deerfield Beach, FL home.

Rusting Roof with Water Damage

The rust found on this roof in Deerfield Beach, FL indicates that water damage is to blame for this issue. There may have been standing water on this roof, corroding the metal and creating holes. While removing the rust and patching up the roof is feasible, our crew needed to make sure that the rust nor standing water caused further issues to the building's infrastructure. These issues could include water pooling, ceiling damage, or mold

Air movers set up to dry a business in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Water Damage to Office Floors

This commercial office was recently flooded in Deerfield Beach. The wood flooring throughout the office had taken on so much water that removal was necessary. Our team worked to remove many of the floorboards, allowing the air movers to dry the floors before any other water damage restoration work was completed.