Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Standing water on the floor of a Deerfield Beach, FL office

Commercial Flood Damage

When a storm hits your Deerfield Beach home or business, you need help immediately. There is no team more prepared to respond to your emergency than SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach. We recently removed the water from this office after they experienced a flood and returned the property to pre-damage conditions.

Dirt and water on the floor of a bathroom in Deerfield Beach, FL

Hurricane Damage Cleanup

When a hurricane hits your Deerfield Beach business, you need the company with storm damage experience and expertise. Whether you need water extracted or debris removed, SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach exists to restore your property and get you back in business quickly. 

SERVPRO drying equipment in the kitchen of a Deerfield Beach home.

Storm and Flood Damage

When a storm hits your Deerfield Beach home, you need the company with storm damage experience and expertise. SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach has years of experience dealing with flooding and water damage in the area, and we can restore your property back to pre-damage conditions.

Water damaged walls and tools in a Deerfield Beach home.

Flooding in Home During a Storm

Water has the ability to permeate many different materials and find its way into hard to reach spaces. The same is true of Deerfield Beach homes flooding during heavy rains. Inches or even feet of water can be found in homes when flooding occurs, saturating all it comes into contact with. Floors and walls, like this home, will need to be removed, dried out, and rebuilt once flood waters are extracted.

Water on the floor of a business in Deerfield Beach, FL

Storm Damage Cleanup in Deerfield Beach, FL

Roofs are usually the first from structures to be damaged as they are the most exposed. Shingles can go missing and cracks may form from flying debris hitting the roof. This building's roof was affected during a severe storm, impacting the ceiling beneath it. Multiple ceiling panels and insulation was removed as they were damaged from sitting water. As with any water damage job in Deerfield Beach, quick dry out was necessary to mitigate further damage.

SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach truck parked in the driveway of a local home.

Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

Is your home ready for any hurricanes or storms to come? Florida is no stranger to strong storms and the damage that comes with them. Getting your Deerfield Beach home ready includes hurricane shutters, inspecting your roof, fixing any issues in your foundation and securing loose items. At SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach we always recommend our customers stay safe and prepare their homes way in advance of the storm season!

A window in the kitchen of a Deerfield Beach home.

Damaged Window Frames and Water Damage in Deerfield Beach

During a heavy storm, if you notice water coming into your Deerfield Beach house through the window is closed you may have a bigger issue at hand. Wrongly installed windows, missing caulking, cracks and other damage can all be the cause behind water leaking through your window. Inspecting your windows for any faults or cracks is important.