Water Damage Photo Gallery

Standing water in big office space.

Pipe Burst Left This Business With Ton of Standing Water

A pipe burst on this large commercial property in Deerfield Beach left behind a ton of damage and standing water. 

Once our crew arrived, there was no time to wait! Every second is valuable. We quickly began by removing all the standing water and affected carpets & wall.

Stain on ceiling around air vent.

No Matter How It Might Seem, Call Our SERVPRO Team For Guidance

If you notice signs of a water leak, it is important you call our SERVPRO team as quickly as possible. What might look like an innocent water stain, can quickly grow into a big water & mold damage event.

servpro employees cleaning locker room

Water Damage in Coconut Creek, FL Local Business

If your business has ever looked like this, then you know how important it is to remove the water as quickly as possible in order to prevent secondary damage. Here at SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach, we specialize in mitigating water losses in a timely manner and quickly executing a plan of action to prevent secondary damage from occurring. Our primary focus is always getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible to prevent further loss.

air movers and containment set up in commercial business

Flooding and Water Emergencies in Commercial Business

Flooding and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. Our goal is to help make it...”Like it never even happened.” Give our team a call 24 hours/ 7 days a week at (954) 596-2208.

Mold growth on the wall of a Deerfield Beach, FL home

Water and Mold Removal in Deerfield Beach, FL

Here at SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach, we know that if you experience water damage on your Deerfield Beach property, mold growth is right around the corner. We employ IICRC-certified restoration experts so we can deliver the best restoration results possible.

SERVPRO equipment set up in the hallway of a Deerfield Beach home.

Residential Water Cleanup

SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach understands how upsetting it can be when dealing with a water damage in your Deerfield Beach home or office. Leaving the water damage for too long can result in secondary damages and mold growth, so you need help from a company that can respond to your call 24 hours a day.

Ceiling damage from a water leak in a Deerfield Beach, FL home.

Water Pooling Damages Ceiling in Deerfield Beach

Damage to your Deerfield Beach home's ceiling from water can happen instantly or overtime. A second-story bathroom might have a small leak in one of it's pipes, collecting a pool of water underneath it. That same pipe might also suddenly burst pouring gallons of water into one area. Your roof may have a leak in it, worsening every time it rains. The point is, like the ceiling pictured, ceilings are just as easily affected by water damage as floors or walls and in need of professional restoration.

Mold growing under the floors of a Deerfield Beach home.

Water Damage Turns to Mold

Acting quickly after your Deerfield Beach home is affected by flooding is imperative in mitigating further damage including mold. Mold takes as little as 24-48 hours to develop. Mold also spreads terribly quickly through a home, affecting more than just one area. This homeowner learned this the hard way. Our crew was called in for water extraction but also provided mold remediation services once the tiles were lifted and mold was discovered.

Water damaged walls in a Deerfield Beach home

Water Damage in Deerfield Beach

Many materials used to build walls within a home can be porous. During a disaster, these materials absorb water that will sit and may eventually begin to compromise the wall's structure by allowing it to rot or weakening it. For this water damage restoration job, the material in the walls were stripped away in this Deerfield Beach home. Our crew knew proper drying needed to happen quickly to ensure the walls were not affected any further.

Ceiling Water Damage in Deerfield Beach

This ceiling was experience water damage causing stains and spots to begin appearing. The issue was stemming from the home's HVAC system, which was not properly working. Our team immediately began working on removing the drywall and drying the ceiling before repairing it. The HVAC was also assessed for any issues or damage causing water pooling.