Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Range in kitchen burned from fire damage.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire's Are Not Uncommon

Cooking is the top cause of fires in homes. When this kitchen catches on fire, you will likely be looking at a lot of damage repair, both from the fire and the fire fighting efforts. 

soot and smoke on ceiling

Fire Damage Cleanup is Not An Easy Task

After a fire broke out in the kitchen of this Coconut Creek, FL home, our SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach team was called to action. Our crew quickly responded and arrived at the scene to see a pretty devastating loss. Our crew then began the cleanup and restoration process. Fire damage cleanup and restoration is not an easy task and should not be done by just anyone. It is very common to see water damage after a fire loss as well, besides the usual fire, smoke, and soot damage. If your home or business experiences fire damage, don’t hesitate and give SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach a call today!

Aftermath of a dryer fire in a Deerfield Beach, FL home

Dryer Fire in Deerfield Beach

Did you know that the Nation Fire Protection Association estimates that there are nearly 500,000 structure fires in the U.S. every year? Dryer fires can happen to any Deerfield Beach homeowner if you don't clean your vents.

The entryway of a Deerfield Beach home after it experienced fire damage

Fire Damage in Deerfield Beach

The US Fire Administration reports that there were 1.3 million fires in the U.S. in 2017, resulting in 23 billion dollars in damage. If your Deerfield Beach home experiences fire damage, you need help immediately to mitigate the damage. SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach is available 24 hours a day to respond to your emergency.

Containment set up in a Deerfield Beach, FL home to protect from spreading mold

Content Protection During Restoration Process

At SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach, we are careful to protect your valuables during any restoration job. Our team will cover any items that are not in need of restoration completely to ensure they are not affected while we work. We also will quarantine any rooms, especially those with mold, to hinder the spread of damage to other areas in your Deerfield Beach home.

The aftermath of a kitchen fire in Deerfield Beach

Fire in Deerfield Beach

After a fire occurred in Deerfield Beach, much of this home's tile was in need of removal for water damage restoration. Based on the magnitude of the fire, water alongside other extinguishers may have been used to snub it out. This water could have come from a sprinkler or a fire department hose. Aside from smoke, soot, and odor removal, water removal can occur during the restoration process.

Removed materials from the ceiling of a Deerfield Beach, FL home

HVAC Cleaning After Fire

Clean air inside your home is important, especially after a fire. When this Deerfield Beach home suffered fire damage, our crew took to the ceiling and HVAC system. A thorough sweep of the system was done with specialized equipment and cleaning solutions, removing any soot or smoke remains. Clean air means a happy, healthy customer.

SERVPRO tech wiping smoke and soot damage from above a door in Deerfield Beach, FL

Soot and Smoke Damage Removal

After a fire damaged part of this Deerfield Beach home, it was necessary for our crew to remove the soot and smoke that remained in the house. Soot and smoke damage is not always clearly visible but can have major consequences for those living with it. Soot consists of particles from burned materials in the home. These materials can be fabric, wood, or plastic and can have an adverse effect on your health if you were to come into contact with its burned particles.